We make hits on Fitzwater Street.

In 2008, a group of five diverse artists conceived the blueprint for FitzHitz Music Group, LLC—a Philadelphia-based company on Fitzwater Street that supports, inspires, produces, and promotes a range of artistic endeavors. FitzHitz specializes in a number of creative areas including music, photography, literature, motion picture, and multi-media. Headquartered in Philadelphia, FitzHitz works with professionals throughout the United States and has direct ties to cultural hotspots in Miami, Washington, DC, New York City, and Toronto.

The five founding members of this collective are Karl Hicks, April Dobbins, RoseMary Fiki, Natalie Hicks and Ashley Napier. Together, these creative minds seek to serve as a springboard for artists who specialize in various disciplines. In line with this goal, FitzHitz collaborates with a diverse pool of creative and promising talent in order to move ideas from the mind to the masses.